Work Ready certified communities

Help your businesses find the right employees the first time. Help your citizens prove their skills and get ahead of the line. Help your community better compete for new jobs and prosperity. Southwest Missouri and the Greater Joplin Region excels at Certified Work Ready Communities (CWRC). More on CWRC >

Building on the success of CWRC and the NCRC, the WIB developed the SectorReady framework based on input from employers, educators, and other community leaders. SectorReady helps communities grow by raising the prosperity of its workers and the skills businesses need from the workforce.  

Economic Development

The skill and availability of the local workforce are often the top catalysts of the fuel that drives economic growth in a region. Always in the top five factors, often first or second, the region’s workforce can make or break many decision to expand or relocate to an area and create jobs. High-octane workforce development tools can supercharge the economic development engine across the Four-States Region.  Learn more from the WIB >


Decision-level business leaders and the news media consider the WIB as the preferred source of market trends and projections. Local Chambers of Commerce and Economic Development Organizations use the WIB as an extension of their outreach for business attraction and expansion efforts. The WIB’s nationally-profiled excellence with market intelligence and its technical assistance role are vital for development strategies that boost the economic well-being of the region.

Innovations in Education

Gaps in the supply and quality of the region’s workforce hinder economic momentum and present risk to the current economic base. Ongoing survey efforts of targeted employers led by the WIB pinpointed the workforce issues of greatest risk to the current economy. Within the WIB’s Talent Development Strategy are three categories with related objectives:  Skill Development, Talent Recruitment, and Talent Gardening.