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In search of powerful tools for finding, keeping, and growing your workforce?  Reach out to the Business Solutions team at to connect with the most comprehensive and cost-effective package of HR services in the region. From live and online recruitment of applicants to testing, screening, and training your future and current workforce, we have you covered.  A talented team of specialists offers research and growth resources to plan for the future.

The WIB’s Business Solutions team is a partnership of workforce and education partners ready to assist employers with solutions in recruitment, screening, training, growth, research, and retention. Groups such as the Job Center, Vocational Rehabilitation, Crowder College, Catholic Charities, and others routinely join forces to help employers make the most of HR efforts.

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We know how important it is to match the right person with the right job. You know what you’re looking for in an employee, but you need help finding that person. More on Recruitment >


It’s often feast or famine for employers with job candidates. The Business Solutions Center can help save you time and money in this process. More on Screening >


You need to grow your workforce to stay ahead, but keep the bottom line in check.  Every company is unique and has a learning curve before new employees can be productive. More on Training >

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The skill and availability of the local workforce are often the top catalysts of the fuel that drives economic growth in a region. Discover the financial resources to help grow your workforce.  More on Growth >


Find out where you stand on wage competitiveness and growth as an employer. Decision-level business leaders and the news media consider the WIB as the preferred source of labor market trends and projections. More on Research >


Employers often invest heavily in hiring but have challenges retaining their human capital. SectorReady has an array of retention tools like career advancement pathways, resources to remove barriers faced by employees, and stackable credentials. More on Retention >