Various kinds of graphs with a magnifying glass.Decision-level business leaders and the news media consider the Workforce Investment Board’s research team as the preferred source of market trends and projections. Local chambers of commerce and economic development pros use the WIB as an extension of their outreach for business attraction and expansion efforts. Educators leverage WIB data for planning and improving programs. 

The WIB’s handle on market intelligence and its technical assistance role are vital for development strategies that boost the economic well-being of the region. The WIB’s award winning team of research and development professionals stand ready to assist with powerful tools for decision support that improve the bottom line. To get connected with research resources, contact Sherri Rhuems at the WIB. routinely publishes articles and reports on labor market research as well.

Click HERE for economic overviews on the WIB’s various regions, or contact the WIB directly for more information on the topics listed below.

Labor Supply

Explore benchmarks for employer competitiveness with a snapshot of job candidate demand for wages, benefits, commuting, training, flexibility, under-employment, and more.

Job Posting Analytics

Gain real-time perspectives on which industry sectors are hiring, the intensity of postings including how many are unique, and which employers post most often.

Demographic Profiles

Comprehensive information, trends, and projections on county-specific demographics including population by age, sex, and ethnicity.

Commute/Labor Shed

Detailed analysis demonstrates where workers are employed who live in a specific area or where workers live who work in a specific area.

Overview & Projections

In-depth info, trends, and projections on county-specific data elements include jobs, earnings, unemployment, education levels, gross regional project, imports/exports, skill gaps, and more.

Skill Compatability

Job counts supplemented with occupations tagged as 90% or better compatibility help expand the reach of recruitment for specific skills in mind.

Job Profiles

Leverage top performers to pinpoint tasks and WorkKeys® skills to shift hiring, training, and promotions into high gear.  Validate ISO and EO, reduce turnover, and boost return on investment.

Impact Analysis

Discover how the economy could change through direct, indirect, and induced efforts on jobs, earnings, and sales by industry based on the specific volume of new jobs.

SectorReady® Pathways

Boost the skills and pools of job candidates and grow incumbent workers with alignment of training and credentials targeted by industry sector.  Deploy custom pathways to improve retention, productivity, and sector awareness.