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Employers often invest heavily in hiring but have challenges retaining their human capital. SectorReady has an array of retention tools businesses can utilize, including career advancement pathways, resources to remove barriers faced by employees, and stackable credentials. The Workforce Board can also assist with incumbent worker training for eligible firms to help skill up existing employees. Read more below.


Employer Competitiveness

The WIB’s Labor Supply Certification Study offers employers new insights to boost competitiveness as an employer of choice, wage competitiveness, commute patterns, retention trends, and what motivates workers of all ages and types. Other research resources at the WIB help employers benchmark wages and growth trends with data updated quarterly.

Career Advancement Pathways

SectorReady pathways use a supply chain approach aligning business needs and economic development strategies with local education and workforce systems to expand the region’s prosperity. SectorReady brings a new era of workforce excellence to employers. Stackable credentials help employees grow their skills as workers advance through the company.

Removing Barriers to Employee Productivity

Employers may not be aware of community resources they could use in counseling employees on how to remove personal barriers that get in the way showing up for work or other productivity roadblocks. The SectorReady™ Resource and Referral Navigator has dozens of resources categorized by need. The navigator is user-friendly and packed with info on how to obtain the resources, contact info, mapping, etc. Check out the Resource Navigator online >

The Not So Good Times

Missouri’s Shared Work program can help employers retain their workers in the threat of a layoff. It allows an employer to divide the available work among a specified group of affected employees instead of a layoff. These employees receive a portion of their unemployment benefits while working reduced hours. Speaking of layoffs, if an employee reduction is unavoidable, Missouri’s Employment Transition Team assists employers with the process of making sure affected workers have the resources they need. Employers that are proactive with ETT can help improve the circumstances and help retain a positive perception for future re-employment efforts.