Work-Based Learning

Graphic image. Knowledge, learning, competence, training, experience, ability, advanced training, and growth all contribute to skill.

Offered in several formats based on the employer’s need, the common work-based learning is On-the-Job Training, or OJT for short. OJT and other work-based learning tools ease the cost and risk of the training phase for new hires.  Eligible companies can have part or all of the training costs covered for a pre-set period.  Combined with recruitment, screening, and placement solutions for new employees, OJT means big savings in time and money for growing your workforce.  The WIB’s Business Solutions team can meet with you to specify skills, recruit potential candidates, customize training plans, and assist with paperwork to help your workforce reach the next level.

  • Recruit Smarter:  Pre-screened and work-ready certified employees come prepared to learn and succeed.
  • Train Your Way:  The best ways to train are planned, organized, and conducted to your company’s standards.
  • User-Friendly:  Lower turnover, minimal paperwork, and simpler processes are combined with financial incentives for a win-win solution to your skill gaps.

Download more info here: On-the-Job Training Flyer. For more information on OJT, call the Business Solutions Center at 1-855-JOBS-417 (1-855-562-7417) or by email.

Apprenticeship & Career Readiness Training

Other powerful work-based learning tools include career readiness training and registered apprenticeships. The local Job Centers are strong gateways to work-based learning through groups such as the Carpenters Joint Apprenticeship, IBEW, Catholic Charities, and Crowder College. Pre-apprenticeship career readiness training sessions are typically six to eight weeks, and help prepare entry-level workers into employment with businesses in one of the region’s targeted industry sectors. Registered Apprenticeship programs are longer-term and offered through one specific employer or organization.

ApprenticeshipUSA offers employers in every industry the tools to develop a highly skilled workforce to help grow their business. For workers, ApprenticeshipUSA offers opportunities to earn a salary while learning the skills necessary to succeed in high-demand careers. ApprenticeshipUSA exemplifies high standards, instructional rigor, and quality training. Whether you are an employer looking to hire, train or retain a skilled workforce, or a worker looking for a new career in a well-paying occupation, ApprenticeshipUSA will help you achieve your goals. For more information on apprenticeship or career readiness training, contact Sherri Rhuems. 

Training and Development Solutions

The Training and Development Solutions arm of Crowder College provides innovative services for positive, real- world impact for employers across the region. This impact is measured through actual performance improvements. These may come from customized training programs, open-enrollment courses or specialized consulting. We especially focus on programs that provide the largest return on investment for the workforce. Learn more about Crowder TDS >

Job Center Workshops

The Job Centers at Joplin and Monett routinely offer specialized workshops on workplace behaviors and career navigation skills. Workshops are open to all customers simply by registering at any of the Job Center locations. Visit the Job Center page for the latest workshop schedule along with Job Center locations and contacts.

Advanced Training and Technology Center

Located at 4th and Grand Avenue near downtown Joplin, the Advanced Training and Technology Center (ATTC) houses high-demand job training programs for Joplin’s first-ever campus location for Crowder College. The building also houses an expansion of incubator space to house business start-ups and a maker innovation space. Trainees may be certified in Computer-Aided Drafting (CAD), Computer Networking (Microsoft Academy), Advanced Manufacturing Technology, Advanced Welding, or Community Health. Flexible class scheduling provides busy students the opportunity to take classes during the day. Classes are offered in an accelerated format allowing the student to complete a certification in one or two semesters. Learn more about ATTC >