FutureLink empowers youth and young adults for career success,  providing education, training and support services to disconnected young adults facing educational and economic barriers and equipping participants with pathways to success that lead to long-term employment in high demand occupations.

The following are examples of just some of the services the program provides:

  • Job Search Assistance, Soft Skills Training, Workshops
  • Resume Preparation & Interviewing Assistance
  • Paid Work Experience Programs, and more

FutureLink serves customers in the age range of 16-24 throughout the seven counties of Barry, Barton, Dade, Jasper, Lawrence, McDonald, and Newton, and is staffed during regular business hours at the Missouri Job Center locations at Joplin and Monett.  Special after-hours services are available by appointment.

Basic career services are available to all. Some services do require eligibility. Those with one of more of the following barriers are typically eligible for FutureLink‘s individualized or training level services: foster care, pregnant or nursing, homeless, offender/ex-offender, disability, dropout, English language learner, and/or basic skills deficient.

For more information or to request a FutureLink career counselor, contact:

Kathi Cochran, Program Coordinator (417)434-6338 email: kcochran@sectorready.org


Skill is at the center of knowledge, learning, competence, training, experience, ability, advanced training, growth.

The goal of the FutureLink Work Experience Program is to place youth participants into positions within their desired career pathways to help prepare them for lifelong employment.

  • For individuals aged 16-24
  • For youth with little or no work experience
  • 240 Hours of Paid, Work-Based Learning with local businesses

These paid work experiences provide participants with valuable real world knowledge in the industry, and provide businesses an opportunity to screen candidates for further consideration.  Wage and work comp costs during this work-based learning are covered by FutureLink, not the employer.

Interested individuals should contact their local youth career manager, or submit an application here.

Interested businesses can contact Kathi Cochran, Program Coordinator (417)434-6338 email: kcochran@sectorready.org

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The FutureLink Scholars Program is an employment opportunity specifically designed for those who did not complete high school – the job of participants in this program is to work toward and obtain their High School Equivalency (HSE) certificate. The program provides wages (up to 20 per week) and includes job readiness training and other support.

  • For individuals aged 16-24
  • For youth who are high school dropouts
  • Participants must have at least an eighth grade reading level
  • Typically a 240 hour program
  • Must interview for a job after obtaining HSE certificate

Interested individuals should contact their local youth career manager, or submit an application here.

Students and jobseekers interested in the FutureLink youth program need to fill out and submit the application, which can be accessed by clicking here (English) or here (español). After submitting your application, one of our job counselors will review it and reach out to you to let you know if you meet the eligibility requirements for the program.  Click here for the complete application.

Individuals can also visit their local job centers in Joplin or Monett to talk with a counselor in person about applying for enrollment in the FutureLink program.


FutureLink Staff Contact Info:

Kathi Cochran, Program Coordinator (417)434-6338 email: kcochran@sectorready.org


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