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The City of Joplin and other communities in southwest Missouri are truly a hub for the health care needs of nearly a half-million residents of the Four-State region. Learn more about your future in Health Care.

Fast Facts About Local Health Sciences & Services

  • 16,296 Employed in Health Sciences & Services (+6% from 2015)
  • $50,218 Average Annual Salary (+3% from 2015)
  • 1,279 Health Sciences & Services Employers in the Region (+7% from 2015)

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Top Desired Skills

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Health Sciences & Services Pathways

Home health aides and nursing assistant positions are often the entry points for a career in health care. Select one of the links below to learn more.

Technicians and similar occupations perform diagnostic or emergency services and collect and perform tests on fluids, specimens, etc in different settings such as labs or offices. Select a job title below to learn more.

Health technologists work with complex equipment to perform to tests and analyze the results of different tests and procedures. Select a link below to learn more.

Dental assistants and hygienists work with dentists to help inspect, clean, and treat people’s teeth and gums using different tools. Select one of the links below to learn more.

Nurses plan, provide, and coordinate patient care, working with doctors and other staff to educate and provide advice to patients and their families. Select a job title below to learn more.