Non-Traditional Occupations

A non-traditional occupation (NTO) is defined as any occupation in which women or men comprise less than 25% of the workforce. Today, many women and men are breaking down barriers to pursue careers.

Why Non-Traditional?

NTO careers can mean:

  • Higher Wages (20-30% HIGHER)
  • Financial Security
  • Good Benefits
  • Demand for Skilled Workers
  • Freedom to Pursue Careers Related to Interests and Abilities

Choosing a Non-Traditional Career

Before you make your decision, do some research. In fact, gather as much information as you can.

In addition to the resources on this page, the SW Missouri Job Centers offer support for NTO career options. They can give you great advice!  Programs are available NOW!

Because Careers Have No Gender

  • NTO careers show rapid growth
  • Non-traditional jobs are in many high-demand fields
  • Earn 20-30 percent more than traditional jobs
  • Achieve a high degree of job satisfaction
  • Excellent benefit packages
  • Support your family on a single income
  • More opportunities for advancement



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