The construction sector makes new schools, homes, businesses, and roads happen across our region. Construction careers enjoy a variety of new work settings with quick entry into a successful career pathway. 

Fast Facts About Local Construction

  • 8,213 Employed in Construction
  • 524 Construction Employers in our Region
  • $36,091 Average Annual Salary

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Construction Pathways

General helpers and laborers are often the entry points for a career in construction. Select the link below to learn more.

Carpentry, sheet metal, and hvac positions are both integral industry components and in high demand. Select a job title below to learn more.

Iron and concrete workers are key occupations to most construction firms, and are in high demand. Select a job title below to learn more.

Heavy equipment operations are critical to today’s construction firms, helping to minimize risk, the need for manual labor, and reduce project times. Select a job title below to learn more.

Plumbing, masonry, and electrical are key skilled trades routinely relied upon by the industry. Select a job title below to learn more.

Ever dream of a career in leadership and management, but don’t want to miss all the action on the worksite? Construction supervisors and managers are responsible for delegating and training employees while also ensuring work meets required standards and specifications. Select a job title below to learn more.