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From your dinner table to the moon, goods produced in our region are everywhere in every walk of life. Today’s modern manufacturers offer a number of high-tech and interesting careers.

Fast Facts About Local Manufacturing

  • 23,868 Employed in the Industry (+4% from 2015)
  • $55,239 Average Annual Salary (+7% from 2015)
  • 410 Manufacturing Employers in the Region (+ <1% from 2015)

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Top Desired Skills

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Manufacturing Pathways

Production Workers and Helpers are often the entry points for a career in manufacturing. Select the link below to learn more.

Component Assembly is a family of jobs in manufacturing for those who enjoy putting things together. Select a job title below to learn more.

Machining, computers, and assembly all come together for the job family of Machine Operations. Today’s manufacturers often use high-tech machines to make precision parts for complex products. Select a job title below to learn more.

Strong attention to detail and working with your hands makes you a good fit for a career in welding. Precise hand-eye coordination is crucial for quality with modern high-tech equipment. Involved in nearly everything with metal parts large and small, welding remains in high demand in manufacturing as well as construction. Select the link below to learn more.

Maintenance goes way beyond just fixing things. With most of the sector using advanced computer or electronic circuitry, maintenance technicians keep things flowing for manufacturers. Maintenance is a great career for hands-on problem-solvers. Select a job title below to learn more.

Ever dream of a career in leadership and management, but don’t want to miss all the action on the manufacturing floor? Supervisors are the important connection between upper management and frontline workers. Supervisors delegate and train employees while making sure products and workers are up to standards. Select a job title below to learn more.

Electricians have some of the greatest variety in their jobs with many different machines requiring electrical expertise. Electricians often work in teams to come up with solutions to problems and are essential to keeping processes running smoothly and efficiently. Select a job title to learn more.

Engineers turn ideas into reality with their creativity and high-tech abilities. Engineering can involve design and development of new parts or products or may be focused on the overall manufacturing process to discover improvements that save time and money. Other than corporate management, engineering is often the most lucrative career in manufacturing. Select a job title to learn more.