Man at a manufacturing station assembling a product

Assemblers and Fabricators assemble finished products and the parts that go into them. They use tools, machines, and their hands to make engines, computers, aircraft, ships, boats, toys, electronic devices, control panels, and more.

Sample job titles and technology skills unavailable for 51-2099 Assemblers and Fabricators, All Other.

Team Assemblers work as part of a team having responsibility for assembling an entire product or component of a product. They can perform all tasks conducted by the team in the assembly process and rotate through all or most of them rather than being assigned to a specific task on a permanent basis. May participate in making management decisions affecting the work. They include team leaders who work as part of the team.

Sample of reported job titles: Assembler, Assembly Associate, Assembly Line Machine Operator, Assembly Line Worker, Assembly Operator, Certified Composites Technician (CCT), Fabricator, Operator Technician, Production Associate, Team Assembler

Local Characteristics

  • Median Wage of $14.33/hr (+10% from 2015)
  • 1,036 Employed Locally
  • Projected Growth, 2018-2023: -2%
  • Retirement Risk: 22% of Local Employees Aged 55+
  • Gender Diversity: 39% of Local Employees are Female

NCRC/WorkKeys Targets*



Graphic Literacy
Assemblers and Fabricators 3 3 3
Team Assemblers 3 4 4

Training and Prep

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*In 2017 NCRC/WorkKeys test names were revised from the older titles of Applied Math, Reading for Information, and Locating Information.