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Careers in transportation, distribution and logistics involve planning, management, and movement of people, goods, and materials by various means. Our region is ideally suited for this industry, and is home to hundreds of related businesses employing thousands of people.

Fast Facts About Local TDL

  • 7,812 Employed in TDL (+ <1% from 2015)
  • $60,776 Average Annual Salary (+2% from 2015)
  • 341 TDL Employers in the Region (+2% from 2015)

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Top Desired Skills

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TDL Pathways

Laborers, material movers, and industrial truck/tractor operators are often the entry points for a career in TDL. Select the link below to learn more.

Clerical positions make up a family of jobs within TDL key to ensuring smooth operations. They work to make sure goods arrive on time, safely, and to the correct destinations. Select a job title below to learn more.

Transport drivers deliver both parts and components for assembly or fabrication as well as finished goods to  homes and marketplaces. Select a job title below to learn more.

Mechanics diagnose and repair problems of different automotive components to get drivers, vehicles, and goods back on the road in a safe and timely manner. Select a job title below to learn more.

Supervisors in the transportation industry oversee the daily activities of workers including warehouse personnel, clerks, drivers, or mechanics, to name a few. Select the link below to learn more.

This group of occupations works to plan, direct, and coordinate transportation operations and ensures that organizational requirements, administrative policies and procedures, government regulations, and other rules are met or adhered to. Select a job title below to learn more.